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Waterproof Socks by 4Ever Dry

4Ever Dry socks were created to meet the needs of athletes being slowed down by inclimate conditions — particularly rain. The idea quickly went from field to foot and proved to be a multipurpose sock that keeps your feet dry in any environmental condition.

In 2012, while participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, Aarya was also an avid lacrosse player. Most of her tournaments were in the fall and spring and always seem to be during inclement Rochester weather. The tournament would last all day and she and her teammates would be miserable because their feet would be soaked within the 1st hour. It made it difficult for them have maximum performance during the games when they couldn’t even feel our toes. After one of the tournaments she went to purchase waterproof socks. Much to her surprise she could NOT find socks that were thin, comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking and waterproof. She simply couldn’t believe they didn’t exist. Thus was the inception of 4Ever dry!

Other waterproof socks are designed to keep your feet warm, making the material thicker and less comfortable and, in many cases, require a larger shoe size. 4Ever Dry socks are designed specifically for waterproofing. This means the socks are thinner, more comfortable and fit any shoe for any activity.

Aarya Patel, CEO

Aarya Patel, CEO of 4Ever Dry Socks

4Ever Dry CEO Aarya Patel is a 2012 graduate of Young Entrepreneur’s Academy and appeared on the national television show, Hatched. Similar to Shark Tank, Hatched features young entrepreneurs who pitch their products to investors.

Since introducing her one-of-a-kind waterproof sock to the world, orders have rolled in from athletes, police officers, firefighters and military personnel who are eager to test 4Ever Dry’s unique waterproofing technology.

In addition to running a business, Aarya is in Model U.N., participates in the student organization Future Business Leaders of America and is a member of a student group called Natural Helpers.