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"It was raining (pouring) for an hour. Im at the end of the workout now and my feet are completely dry! So impressed with your product" - Sonny P.

"Had a bunch of people over the other night for a party. They were asking about the socks and tested out the ones I ordered and were super impressed on how dry their feet were"- Mona Z.

"I just got my shipment today. Your socks are awesome! I just ordered six more pairs"- Marnie R.

"Im placing another order! My son loves these socks! They keep his feet completely dry even while rowing in a boat with water collected from the rain. They are awesome"-Ellie R.

"The socks worked out so great. Both of my kids are so happy to have them and are proud to show them off and wear them. I can't wait to tell more people about them" -Andrea C.

"I used your socks to walk my dogs in the pouring rain the other day and my feet were completely dry! Come out with waterproof gloves I will definitely buy some"-Rose M.

"October 21, 2016 was one of the rainiest days of the year! I was heading to my schools sectional football game with my brand new 4Ever Dry socks. While most of my body was wet by the end of the 4th quarter, my feet were incredible dry!"-Tom H. 

"This product is very impressive. They kept my feet dry which is a huge benefit during the winter season. It allowed me to continue running without my toes feeling numb due to the rain and cold weather. Highly recommended for any type of outdoor activity"-Nikul P.  

"My husband used these for fishing and they kept his feet 100% dry! His friend used them to unload boats from their docks as well and was surprised at how well they worked and how comfortable they were! Totally recommend!"-Erin B.

"Great socks. I was underwater while walking on East Avenue to work when a car passed me next to a puddle. I was wearing low shoes and my 4Everdry socks and my feet were totally dry. I've had them for 2 weeks and tested them on my commuter bike, dog walks and early morning runs. Outstanding. They are definitely breathable and comfortable. I wear them over top my regular socks or tights and use them every day. I got them for my active husband too. They are worth every penny."- Holly. 

"Just shoveled six inches of snow. Then I went to the park to use my snow-skate. When I came back the snow plow dumped a load of snow in the driveway. After all the snow time the bottom of my pants, my boots were wet but my feet were dry. You guessed it, the waterproof socks."- Andrew R. 

"Your socks just saved our ski day. Last night, my son got his ski boots wet in this little stream of water he shouldn't have been playing in but did. He never told us, and he came to ski today with his boots soaking wet. We brought them to pro shop to dry and they said there was no way they would dry today. He was upset and went to the gift shop, and noticed the pictures of your socks and bought a pair! He is on the slopes with dry feet! Thank you!!! After skiing he told me, "Mom, I want to take care of these. They are my new favorite socks. They're really comfortable too"- Tara M.

These socks are comfortable and kept my feet dry during a trail run through the woods! So happy to have a product like this available- Leslie B.  

"I went on a 1400 mile motorcycle trip down through North Carolina. It was 107 degrees and I passed through four storms. These socks worked like nothing else! Normally, my boots make my feet sweat, but these worked through the pouring rain and sweat to make sure my feet stayed completely dry. They are just as comfortable too! I was absolutely amazed!"-Johnny B.